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What We Do

Empowering women.
Transforming lives.


(Respond, Empower, Advocate, Collaborate, Treat)


The REACT program strives to relieve the trauma of sexual assault through crisis intervention and counseling, and to prevent sexual assault through education and skill building. The Bureau has counselors who are available to counsel women and men who are victims of sexual violence, as well as their family members. Counseling is an important aspect of healing from a traumatic event.

The REACT program provides education workshops to at risk youth in an attempt to empower them to realize if they take the steps they are taught in the workshops, those steps will help the prevention of sexual violence in their lives. The curriculum covers topics like what a healthy relationship looks like, that it is your right to demand respect from those you have relationships with, and if someone touches you and it makes you feel strange you should report it at once. Knowledge is empowerment.

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Residential treatment
program for women
with addiction
Sexual assault
awareness and
education programs
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