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Transitions is a long-term substance abuse treatment program geared towards pregnant women and mothers. Studies show that women often do not seek addiction treatment due to concerns about separation from their children. Unfortunately, many women become involved with the Department of Child Services due to problems related to their inability to provide adequate care of their children while being in active addiction.
The Transitions program works with mothers to reunite them with their children and reestablish healthy family units.
Treatment consists of individual counseling and case management as well as education classes that focus on parenting, self-sufficiency, trauma, and addiction recovery just to name a few. The program also requires participants to be active in a 12 step group, get a Sponsor, and develop and strengthen support systems through healthy relationships.
Women are encouraged to have regular contact and visits with their children throughout their stay, sometimes even having their pre-school age children in residence with them during treatment. Successful program graduates are assisted with integration back into the community and resources for continued support in their recovery journey including aftercare services to provide on-going support and relapse prevention.

Carrie Irick, MA - Clinical Counselor
260-424-7977, ext. 123

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